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Day 2: Manzanita, OR to Pacific City, OR

Distance 60.05
Average Speed 11.0 mph; Max Speed 25.2 mph
Elevation Gain 2,895
Average Temp. 65.5 F; Temp Range 53.6-82.4 F

I woke up feeling much better than I had when I went to sleep. I don’t plan to spend many nights in hotels, but it was most definitely the right choice for last night.

A hotel room bed, unmade and cluttered.

Where I woke up, Day 2

I stretched, ate breakfast (oatmeal, protein powder, & peanut butter, with two cups of coffee), and headed outside for a spectacular view.

The Pacific ocean with beach grass in the foreground.

The view outside my door

I stopped at a small market before leaving town for a bit of food to bring along the way, and then hit the road. To ward off the kind of mess that happened yesterday, I set my phone timer to 90 minutes. Every time it went off I would stop for a few minutes to eat (and drink, though I was drinking while riding as well).

A town sign reading "Wheeler"

They forgot the “Two” before Wheeler. No? It made me chuckle as I rode by.

Fifteen miles later, I arrived at the place I had planned to spend the night. The house was awesome, and the view was even better. I would have loved to have watched the sun set from this porch. Ah well, it wasn’t meant to be. I had a great lunch there, though.

two large rocks in the ocean, a grassy and flowery garden, and a porch rail

The view from the porch of last night’s intended stopping point.

Today I saw some wonderful wildlife, to sweeten the deal.

Blue heron

A bald eagle about to strike at a fish.

Almost got it…

Two bald eagles soaring

Majestic Duo

And then there was this.

A road sign with several "Road Closed" stickers on it.


Road closed? And I would have to backtrack 4 miles to an alternate route that the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) had noted as unsafe? Dilemma. Thankfully I was in an area with cell service. A few minutes later and I had located a few posts on the ACA forums mentioning this road, saying that some slides had made it impassable to cars, but a cyclist could walk over the gravel. I crossed my fingers and gave it a go.

A road made impassable to cars by a landslide. The expanse is uneven and gravelly, but walkable.

I get it now, no cars.

The posts were, thankfully, correct, and I made it back to un-closed roads with only a little bit of pushing the bike over gravel.

From there on out, it was more of the same, a few climbs, a few views, and some more wildlife.

Harbor seals basking on a sand bar.

That’s a lot of seals

I set up camp in Pacific City at Webb Park and Fairground. My strategy for eating and drinking helped somewhat, in that I didn’t bonk, but I did still feel a bit nauseated at the end of the day. I don’t think it was a matter of calories today. I suspect it was more water and electrolytes. I must make a note to eat more salty foods.

After pitching my tent, I walked a block over to a pizza place for dinner. The first slice was difficult to get down, but by the end of the second my appetite was kicking back in. All told, a successful day, I think.

12 thoughts on “Day 2: Manzanita, OR to Pacific City, OR

  1. Suzan Lauder

    Loved Pacific City for watching surfers and dune boarders (using snowboards on the sand dunes) so much, it’s on the circulation for my web page. The three capes road is lovely, is it not? I have wallpaper from Cape Meares. The Oregon coast is a pleasure to behold. Everyone should put it on their bucket list.

    You’re doing a lot of elevation while you’re riding. How does it feel?

    1. Spin Doctor Post author

      It is lovely, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again as a road trip with friends.
      The elevation is…frankly exhausting. In a few days I’m going to attempt my first mountain pass. Send prayers, good vibes, and any energy you can spare for that day.

  2. Anne

    Very exciting! I just stopped by to cheer you on. Your bike is amazing, and you’re going to have some amazing experiences.

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