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360 Active Days: Week 1 Review

Sept 7 – 13 2018


Friday Weights: Back and Biceps
Saturday Tang Soo Do
Sunday Weights: Legs
Monday Tang Soo Do
Tuesday Weights: Chest and Triceps; Spin Class
Wednesday Weights: Legs
Thursday Weights: Back and Biceps; Tang Soo Do


A week ago Friday I began my birthday resolution project of 360 active days over the next year. (Five days off for illness and those random things that life throws at you sometimes, in case you were wondering.) As with all new things, there was a significant dose of excitement for the start of something new, but that doesn’t mean everything was easy.


Day 1, Friday, was scheduled to be a busy day. I had to drive 2.5 hours, have a 4-hour meeting, then return home 2.5 hours. Then in the evening I had a chiropractor appointment. There are times when the chiropractic adjustment leaves me feeling slightly off for a bit, so when possible I prefer to get the workout in before the appointment. That would mean an early morning workout. Okay, I could do that. I hate early mornings, but for day 1, I would do it.


I set my alarm and dutifully woke up. To rain. I hate riding my bike in the rain. I’ll do it for a trip home, but I’d rather not arrive to my workout already soaked. I could drive, but my gym is only a mile away. Not only do I feel ridiculous driving a mile but there’s almost a complete absence of street parking. There is a parking garage, but validation only reduces the price and I have a difficult time with the idea of paying for parking on top of paying for a membership. The gym doesn’t own the parking garage, so I don’t blame them, but that doesn’t negate the previous statement.

Getting 36 off to a good start! It was too early for smiles, though.

Time for a change of plans. A quick internet search found another branch of my gym right off the route to the meeting, so instead of working out, coming home to clean up, then heading to the meeting, I worked out on my way to the meeting.


I ended up being late to the meeting, not because of the workout itself, but because I was so exhausted that I had to pull over for about 20 minutes. The same thing happened on the way home. Clearly I need to work on my sleep issues.

Foam rolling and stretching is important!

I worked on adopting some better sleep hygiene habits over the course of the week. Electronics off at least an hour before bed. I wasn’t perfect at this, but I was better than I have been. I also decided to cut out alcohol for a while, at least until I’ve got a better idea of the toll this project will take on me.


It seemed to work. I still had a few moments of wanting to crash in the middle of the day, but for the last few days I’ve been dragging less in the mornings. As a bonus, I’ve also been less reliant on coffee. And that happened without me even intending it to. I just realized yesterday that I had only had 2 cups of coffee all day.


All in all, it’s been a good first week. 7 days down, 353 days left to go!

I spent a lot of time in the do jang and the gym this week.

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